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Because HR is so complex there are dozens of services and products that we offer to our clients. We can't possibly explain all of that on a website. Contact us and we'll talk. We are interested in a business relationship, not just another transaction or another payday. We will invest the time to get to know your business so we can tailor services to your needs.

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Why Choose Us

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    We Specialize

    We only do HR. If we did more than that we wouldn't be specialists and we wouldn't spend 100% of our day doing HR. Our competitors, which are Professional Employer Organizations, also provide payroll, benefits, web portals, dashboards, employee forms, and more. Are they really experts then?

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    Our pricing structure is designed to be a bargain value when compared to trying to replicate the same service in house. For example, for about the cost of an inexperienced HR Manager, we can give you Corporate VP level experience from the highest ranks of big business which would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

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    Bridge the Gap

    Somewhere between 15-50 employees (depending on the industry and the company structure), a company will be faced with needing HR help as they outgrow the "bootstrapping" phase. Most of these companies can't afford to hire a full-time HR professional, even though they need one. We provide scalable solutions to help you bridge that gap and we do it with highly trained, experienced professionals.

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    National Recruiting

    We are experienced in finding top talent all around the country. We make use of the latest technology and methods to proactively go after the best people for the job whether they already have a job in the field, are unemployed, or looking to switch fields. By keeping our company small with low overhead, we can keep our costs down and still be able to find the same great service you would expect from a company with an office in your area.