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    Regulatory Defense

    Much like the Internal Revenue Service conducts audits on taxpayers that catch their attention, the Department of Labor is investigating and fining companies that violate the hundreds of laws and regulations for employers. And just like with the tax code, ignorance of the law is not an effective defense for violations. All it takes is one disgruntled employee or ex-employee filing a complaint.

    We much prefer to consult with companies before they get in trouble, but we recognize that many companies prefer to take their chances or feel it will never happen to them. We can still help achieve a positive result after the fact by taking over communications with auditors, creating a defense plan, and working toward dismissal of the complaint or a reduced penalty.

    In the past several years, we have been able to successfully defend multiple companies and get them off entirely or with small token fines. For detailed information, please contact us at 888-503-0569.