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    MyHRAdvisor Helpline Details

    If your business has employees then we're sure you have encountered some unusual HR situations before. It is impossible for a business owner to know all of the rules, regulations, and legislation they are supposed to follow with respect to the employment of their people. So don't worry about it. When those situations arise that you don't have an answer for turn to your lifeline: MyHRAdvisor Helpline.

    MyHRAdvisor Helpline is an unlimited-use, phone or email support resource for Human Resources advice. Call us during business hours for an immediate response (4 hour callback max) or email us after hours for a response the next day (24 hours max). Either way, our trained HR Generalists will listen to your problem to gather all the facts and then answer your question or provide the advice you need to make the right decision. This resource is the next best thing to having a part-time HR employee on-site and it is MUCH cheaper!

    There are no limits to how many calls you make to us. The only limitations are some issues cannot be fully solved over the phone and may require on-site consulting or if you would like us to do the work for you. In those situations, we can still gather all the information necessary over the phone and then work with you on a consulting arrangement from there For detailed information, please contact us at 888-503-0569.