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    New Manager Training

    Most employees that are promoted to a Manager or Supervisor position have never received formal training to manage subordinates. Even those with "Business Management" degrees have not been educated on how to lead, motivate, discipline, reward, and coach their employees. This is problematic because Managers can make decisions that can get your business in big trouble!

    We offer a training course designed specifically for brand new managers. In this course, we will teach them how to effectively lead and get the most out of their employees. We also teach them how to hire the best talent to their team and how to properly terminate an employee after other avenues have been exhausted. Finally, we impress upon them how important this position is and what a profound impact they can have on the success of your company.

    Our typical New Manager Training Course is 6 weeks long requiring 1 hour per week. Training materials are provided, including popular business books and articles that help to illustrate concepts. For detailed information, please contact us at 888-503-0569.