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    How Our Recruiting Works

    Most recruiters charge a placement fee for you successfully hiring one of their candidates into your organization. This fee is usually 20-30% of that employee's annual compensation. Even at just 20% on an employee making $55,000 per year the fee would be $11,000! We won't even do the math on what it would cost for you to hire a top level executive with this model, called contingent recruiting.

    Contingent recruiters have to charge such high rates because they don't always make a successful placement. On most job searches, a client company will source multiple recruiting firms to submit candidates for the same job. Only the firm that submitted the candidate that gets hired gets paid. Many contingent companies only successfully place a candidate 30-40% of the time. Thus, they must cover their costs for their failed placements by charging YOU a hefty premium.

    Our recruiting operates on an hourly model where we bill you an hourly rate for our time spent on your search. This is similar to the way a law firm typically bills. Since we get paid for every search, we can charge a much lower rate for our services. For detailed information, please contact us at 888-503-0569.